We helped a global iconic brand evolve to appeal to a changing industry, demographic and market.

The Challenges

Boxing was often thought of as one of your Dad’s favorite sports. Our challenge was to understand how a brand traditionally known strictly for boxing and help that to become more relevant to a younger and more diverse audience. We ultimately crafted an experience centered around the brand pillars of Fitness, Fight and Fashion. This required a complete redesign of the digital properties and online marketing material including ads, email and social media. We also then had to understand how to personalize the experience based on the user’s own interests and which brand pillars (and the related products) were going to be most relevant. The results speak for themselves.


  • Commerce
  • UX
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance & Optimization

The Results

A more cohesive and relevant value proposition and experience across all channels

Over 800% ROAS
30% Increase in AOV

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Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender revolutionized the cosmetics industry when it introduced its small, beauty sponge that changed the face of makeup forever.

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We increased member retention rate by implementing a new design concept and successfully integrating their email and management system.

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Cherry’s Industrial

We helped Cherry's Industrial to have two brands under the same ecommerce instance, boosting up leads for large equipment sales by 25%.

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Through a custom subscription service, we helped Pupjoy to increase its number of subscribers and to expand its product mix within their first year.

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We helped Unison to create a seamless omnichannel experience that would allow the company to adapt to changing customer behaviors.

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Master Appliance

We helped Master Appliance to provide higher visibility to its many distributors in front of end users, through a real-time online ecommerce experience.

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