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The Last Mile of a Project Is Often The Most Important

Category: Commerce, Marketing

eCommerce agencies who offer fixed bid arrangements with clients have something in common, the warranty period. I have been doing some thinking about what an incredible opportunity warranty periods are — and with that opportunity comes a critical risk as well. As with just about any other project in the whole world, the final stages […] Read more..

Content Marketing is the New Branding

Category: Marketing

Content Marketing has established itself as one of the most effective ways for a company or business to brand itself. This is a result of a significant shift in the way successful companies interact with consumers. This post is going to answer two questions: Why have those interactions shifted? And, more importantly, how can it […] Read more..

Five Things Missing From Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

Category: Marketing

What’s missing from your marketing strategy? 1. A Focus on Mobile I know, I know – you’re tired of hearing about how important mobile is to consumers. You get it! Mobile consistently remains absent from most yearly strategies. Most businesses see mobile as a channel or medium that’s a standard function instead of a human-centric […] Read more..

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